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Why are studies popular in America?
The American education system is very popular and a large number of students from all over the world choose to study at American colleges. The reputation and quality of these institutions is so strong that students do not end up with just an education but exit college having a strong demand in the labor market. While attending college, students are grouped in small group activities, and there are a wide range of specializations and programs that foster creativity and innovation and take the best from each student. There are many reasons why American universities are among the most sought-after by students from around the world. Many foreign students exit university having become experts in their field. It is also important to note that only in the American education system can students actively study and play their sport at the same time. American universities have set aside billions of dollars a year for scholarships and programs for sports in universities.
What is a sports scholarship?
Athletic scholarships are funds that a student-athlete receives from the college or university to cover the costs of tuition, and in return to play for their sports team. In the U.S., a total of 29 sports scholarships are available for boys and girls.
Does my child have the opportunity to gain a scholarship in America?
The first question most frequently asked by parents is: “Is my child talented enough to get an athletic scholarship?'' There is only one way to find out! Basically all parents think that their children must be at the level of professional players to compete in college and get an athletic scholarship. However, this rule only applies to a certain number of colleges in America. But there are many colleges with teams of various levels which offer a number of scholarships.
What kind of scholarship can my child get?
This is the second most common question asked by parents. Unfortunately, it does not have an easy answer, because it is determined by many factors. For example, high school grades, the results of the SAT and the TOEFL exam, the current level of the athlete in his or her sport, as well as the needs of the university are all factors in determining what kind of scholarship a student-athlete will get. Scholarships can range from 0 to 100%, and the amount and kind of scholarship is determined solely by the coach. The coach and his staff work with many organizations, colleges and American high schools to search for the best student-athletes under the best possible conditions. This is where we come into the equation. What we can promise is that we have great success when it comes to finding adequate scholarships for athletes. Our policy is that we only accept athletes that for whom our team feels has the best possibility of obtaining a scholarship.
Are American degrees (diplomas) recognized by Serbia and the rest of Europe?
Yes, absolutely. Basic four-year programs in America (known as a Bachelor’s Degree), are recognized in our country as well as in the whole of Europe.
Can student-athletes also work while studying?
International students have the opportunity to work and earn money within their universities. Working is recommended for students who do not have a full scholarship. There are many jobs that can be performed by a student: work in the school’s library, gym, post-office, store, etc. So that education and other commitments around the college will not be neglected, the student is limited to working 20 hours per week during the semester and 40 hours per week during school vacations and holidays. For 20 hours of work per week, the student gets about $150 a week or about $600 per month when school is in progress, which means that for one hour of work a student receives an average of about $7.5. You must also note there is 10% income taxes to be deducted from the total earnings, of which a certain amount will be returned after a certain period of time (year-end). Our agency can engage in negotiations with the schools, so that if the student wants a job, he/she will have the opportunity to get a job upon arrival at the university.



What kinds of degrees are there?
After graduation from an American junior or community college, an associate degree is granted. This is the first degree in the American college system. The advantage of a junior or community college is that they have a more lenient criterion on admission to students. Our clients who do not achieve the required test scores on the SAT and TOEFL exams for admission to four-year universities, often enter junior college, to hone English language skills and continue with his/her studies. Students for some reason can’t pass the NCAA clearance (regarding amateur status or because of weaker grades in high school) also often enter junior college. Students who have completed their associate degree (after attending junior college) have the ability to transfer into a four-year university, and after two more years of study, gain a bachelor's degree.
A bachelor's degree is the second kind of degree in the American college system. This degree takes on average four years to complete. There are hundreds of fields of study within this degree, and students have the option to choose which field to major in. The student does not have to decide on his/her desired field right away. After finishing college and earning a bachelor’s degree, students have the ability to be hired, because all international students, upon graduation, get a working visa for a year. This gives the student the opportunity to prove themselves within the American work market.
A master's degree is the third kind of degree. One achieves a master’s degree after another year or two of studying after obtaining a bachelor's degree. Athletic scholarships are not awarded to students seeking a master’s degree. As for obtaining a master’s degree without an athletic scholarship, there are chances that the university would hire the student as a head coach or an assistant coach on the team, and therefore fund the student’s master studies.
The highest degree in America, and elsewhere, is a MBA (Master of Business Administration), which is the study of management. It is important to note that the MBA is the most appreciated diploma in various departments, including: business, finance, engineering, communications, computer science, journalism, etc.
What is American college life like?
American college students spend most of their time on campus and in the surrounding college town. Depending on the university, there can be anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 students. Within the campus there are sports facilities (stadiums, halls, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc.), classrooms, entertainment facilities, study halls, stores, libraries, dorm rooms and housing. Some campuses have their own bus line, in order to allow students to quickly reach one place to another on campus. Within the campus everything is dedicated to the needs of the students, so that they have the time to organize and complete their studies.
In the first year of study, all students begin with general education, which is favorable for foreigners because it allows them to adapt to a year of studying in the American system and to discover what interests them and what direction they could continue their education. Upon completion of the first year of college, students will then choose what field of study they wish to major in, determining the course of the next years of study. The majority of students favor business, though no less popular are: finance, journalism, medicine, languages, architecture, psychology, computer science, etc.
In most universities, academic year is divided into two semesters, the first lasting from August to December (fall semester) and the second from January to May (spring semester). Although there are many universities that also follow the “quarter system” which divides the year into four quarters (fall, winter, spring, and summer). Students have the opportunity to attend summer school, which lasts several months, and allows students to accelerate their education or to improve an unsatisfactory grade during the semester.
In order to complete the courses of study and graduate, each student has to obtain, depending on the program, 120 to 130 credits. Which means that the average student takes about 15 credits per semester. That equals to about 15 hours of lectures each week. Students have the ability to make their own schedule, and arrange their classes in a way to best suit their needs. Also, students who have problems adopting the curriculum have the opportunity to work with tutors.



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