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Sports Scholarships helps talented athletes from Serbia and the surrounding region to obtain athletic scholarships at U.S. colleges and thus achieve his or her dreams of playing sports and studying in America.
Does that warrant a scholarship?
Yes. This program is only for athletes who qualify in sport and academic quality.

Do you negotiate for me?
Who can qualify?
Superior athletes from ages 17 to 22.
For which sports do you offer your service?
Soccer (football), track and field, hockey, American football, volleyball, water polo, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and tennis. 
When can I apply?
Whenever you want to. Though ideally, the second half of the student’s third year of high school.
Do you need to have passed the exams before registering?
No! It is best to be in touch with us as early as possible, regardless of whether you have the results of the SAT / ACT and TOEFL exams. This is so we can begin negotiations with colleges. 
Is it safe at the university?
Most universities are extremely safe. Students live on campus with other students and interact in a community of college personnel. American colleges also have their own campus police installed on every campus. 
What is a typical day of a student-athlete?
This depends on the schedule of each athlete. There is usually at least one training session per day, followed or preceded with classes, meals, and leisure time. In pre-season there is further training in the mornings and usually in the afternoons as well. However, students usually begin preseason before the actual school semester begins, so time is spent just for athletics and there are few responsibilities for studying at this time.

What is the relationship with the professors?
Very sociable and straightforward. There is no distance. The teachers are very well paid and therefore you have to devote attention and to be accessible. They have "office hours" during which students can see them and explain what they do not understand, or seek their help.

How many hours a week would I go to lectures?
From 15 to 18 hours, which is about 3 to 4 hours per day.
How many trainings a day?
About 3 hours. Sometimes there are one training session per day, and sometimes two. Some trainers can work with you 5-6 hours a day in pre-season.
Can I travel and go around America?
When playing away with the team, you are afforded the luxury of travelling with the team and visiting many different cities and college campuses around America. 
What can I study in America?
All kinds of certificates are available at any university. This means that within a single institution, you can study economics, business, finance, history, languages, engineering, etc.
What is the difference between college and university?
The primary difference is that unlike colleges, universities do not offer doctoral studies. As for basic studies, both colleges and universities (not junior colleges) have four-year programs.
What is a junior college?
Junior college is a two-year educational institution at which students complete the first two years of general education studies, and can receive an associate degree. After that, students often transfer to colleges or universities to complete their third and fourth years and graduate with a bachelor’s degree. 
Do you immediately have to declare your degree?
No. You have about 2 years to decide, because in the beginning all students take general education courses. This gives you time to think about and explore the different degrees offered at your university.
For the average student, will it be difficult to graduate in America?
Our system of secondary education is demanding and more extensive than the U.S., so that our students are in a very good position at the start. Experience shows that students from Serbia, in the vast majority of cases have no problems in studying at American universities, and even graduate with a respectable degree.
What can I do with an American degree?
A bachelor’s degree is recognized around the world and 90 percent of students are employed upon the acquisition of the degree.
How much time do I need to get a degree in the U.S.?
It takes four years for a bachelor’s degree (majority of U.S. degrees). After a bachelor's, you can go on for your master’s (graduate degree) that lasts between one and two years.
What happens if I am already in college in Serbia, and I want to apply to American universities?
It is possible to switch to an American university (transfer) or start from the beginning of the semester.
What is the level of sport needed to get a scholarship?
A club level is sufficient.
Does I need to be a professional or top athlete?
No! To obtain a scholarship, it is enough to have solid club level talent in the junior competition.
Will I be able to continue my athletic career after graduating from an American university?
Yes. University sport in America is the first level below professional sports and the best university athletes go on to sign contracts with professional clubs.



What is the environment of sports in college?
Usually there is a head coach and two assistant coaches, a physiotherapist who is present at every practice and every game, and a doctor for athletes. When on the road with the team, besides staying in quality hotels, the athletes usually get a per diem as well (20-30 dollars a day). University campuses often have large and modern stadiums for American football and they see up to 50,000 spectators a game. Basketball arenas can host more than 10,000. There are also specific gyms and sport halls reserved solely for athletes. In most American colleges, the sports facilities are fantastic. 

How does the competition system work?
Athletes and sports teams represent their schools against other colleges in their same “Conference”. The Conferences are divided mostly by geographical region but also by a few other factors. Colleges play against other colleges in their Conference during the season. The top 1 or 2 teams go on to compete in the final NCAA (or NAIA) tournament, that consists of the top teams from every conference in America. The team to win the entire tournament is considered “NCAA Champion”. This final tournament is very important for American colleges. 
What is typical American training like?
Americans work a lot on conditioning. They usually develop very strong, powerful athletes. Trainings are sharp and physically demanding as well as the competition.
Will I be able to work individually with a trainer outside of the team schedule?
Yes. American coaches love to see athletes who are willing to work extra and are motivated to progress even more! As long as the athlete’s private training does not conflict with the coach and team’s training, there should be no problem.
How many foreigners can play for the team?
There are no limits! The entire team can be composed of foreigners if the coach has decided so. Coaches are only interested in top athletes, no matter if they are foreign or not.
Why do sports scholarships exist?
American universities award scholarships to athletes who in turn represent their university in the university league. This is incentive for universities because successful teams lead to lucrative profits. The American college sports system is financially backed through government, sponsors, TV, and alumni. 
What is the “full-ride” scholarship?
A full-ride scholarship includes fully paid tuition, room, board and books throughout the year. The athlete does not have to pay for anything.
What is a “partial” scholarship?
A partial scholarship covers a certain percentage of the athlete’s expenses. Example: if the cost for the year is: $30,000 (tuition, housing, food, books), then a scholarship worth 80% is 24,000 dollars, and the athlete or his/her family has to pay the remaining $6,000.

Will I be able to work while attending college?
Yes, you can do have "part-time" job and can earn about $500 per month during the school year. If you work during the summer, you can earn up to $2000 per month. 
What kind of job can I get?
Common jobs for students are employment in the library, cafeteria, gym, or campus store. Giving private lessons in one’s sport is also a great option. 80% of American students have a "student job" while studying. So can you!
What is the basis upon which coaches award scholarships?
American coaches award athletic scholarships solely on the basis of quality of the athlete.

Which sports award full scholarships?
Full scholarships are available in all women's sports, and for men the best chance for a full-ride scholarship are in basketball, American football and baseball. In other men's sports, usually partial scholarships are awarded. 
How long is the scholarship for and could I potentially lose my scholarship?
Scholarships last one year and are formally renewed each year (re-signing the contract). The scholarship can be lost only in the event of a breach of university and team rules (failing in exams or being undisciplined). You are entitled to four years of scholarship.
Can I lose my scholarship if I become injured?
Absolutely not! Scholarships cannot be lost due to injury. If for example you become injured during your third year, you will still have the scholarship for the entire third year (and possibly fourth), even though you are not performing for the team.
What exams do I need to pass for admission into U.S. universities?
It is necessary to pass the SAT or ACT (this also must be passed by American students) and the TOEFL exam, which is mandatory for foreign students.
What level of English is required for the exam?
The average level of high school English is enough to begin to prepare for the exams.
How important are the exams in regards to getting a scholarship and going to university?
Besides the athlete’s quality, exams are the most important criteria for getting into university. Even though a coach can offer a full scholarship, it is impossible to sign a contract until you fulfill the requirements for admission to the university (i.e. passing the SAT/ACT and TOEFL).
How should I prepare for exams?
You can prepare yourself by studying either on your own or with specialized teachers. Our advice is that you prepare with experts specifically trained to prepare students for the SAT, ACT and TOEFL.
Where can I take the exams and how much do they cost?
All exams can be taken in Belgrade.
What is the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)?
The NCAA is an athletic organization that has existed since 1952 and regulates American university sports. Divided into three divisions (NCAA 1, NCAA 2, and NCAA 3) it has a total of 1,200 U.S. universities.
What is the NAIA (National Intercollegiate Athletic Association)?
The NAIA is the athletic organization that regulates universities that belong to the NAIA federation (about 300 universities).
What is the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association)?
The NJCAA is the athletic organization that regulates the "junior college" two-year institutions, which are similar to our high schools with their own separate championship.
What requirements are needed for junior college and what do I do when I have finished two years at a junior college?
You just need to pass the TOEFL exam and to have a high school degree. The SAT is not required for admission. When you've finished junior college, you may then switch to a four-year university in either the NAIA or NCAA and have 2 more years to perform for the team at your new university.


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